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Friday, March 26, 2010

Bob Chapman : Millions will be laid off many companies will close doors up to 40% unemployment as a result of the Healthcare Bill

Bob Chapman on the Sovereign Economist 24 march 2010

Bob Chapman : we gonna have a deflationary deflation accompanied by a war which will last for years , it is a set up it was deliberately done.....last year 80% of the treasuries were purchased by the FED which is a private bank , the FED has the ability to make up money out of thin air , it is hugely inflationary says Bob Chapman the international forecaster , he Euro zone will break up most of the eurozone countries have a deficit above 10% compared to the norm of 3% , they will keep Greece above water for a year , a year and a half through IMF injections , the US and the UK will pull out of WTO and NAFTA , , England will withdraw from the European Union ...millions are going to be laid off many companies will close doors up to 40% unemployment by the end of the year direct result of the Healthcare Bill
thousands of banks will go bankrupt by the end of the year because they want to nationalize the banks

Bob Chapman : Get your cash out of the Banks and The Stock Market - we will have Bank Holiday and the Stock market will crash by the end of this year
Mr. Chapman also known as The International Forecaster is a 74 years old. He was born in Boston, MA and attended Northeastern University majoring in business management. He spent three years in the U. S. Army Counterintelligence, mostly in Europe. He speaks German and French and is conversant in Spanish. He lived in Europe for six years, off and on, three years in Africa, a year in Canada and a year in the Bahamas.

Mr. Chapman became a stockbroker in 1960 and retired in 1988. For 18 of those years he owned his own brokerage firm. He was probably the largest gold and silver stockbroker in the world during that period. When he retired he had over 6,000 clients.
Bob Chapman : you got to remove these people from the government
Starting in 1967 Mr. Chapman began writing articles on business, finance, economics and politics having been printed and reprinted over the years in over 200 publications. He owned and wrote the Gary Allen Report, which had 30,000 subscribers. He currently is owner and editor of The International Forecaster, a compendium of information on business, finance, economics and social and political issues worldwide, which reaches 10,000 investors and brokers monthly directly, and parts of his publication are picked up by 60 different websites weekly exposing his ideas to over 10 million investors a week.

In June of 1991, at the request of business associates, and due to retirement boredom, he began writing the International Forecaster.
Bob Chapman : do not expect the government to guarantee your bank account , it is bankrupt

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