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Thursday, August 5, 2010

China Goes for Gold

China wants gold and it needs it to really be established as the new econimical leader.

Go for gold.

Bob Chapman : Silver should have been $50 today

John Stadtmiller Aug 03 2010- Robby Noel, Bob Chapman- Roundtable

John hosts a weekly financial round table with Robby Noel and Bob Chapman. Some have said this is the best two hours in radio.

Early in the broadcast @ 00:50 John plays a clip of Pete Stark (Congressman of 37 years) saying that the government can do whatever it wants to. Comments from hosts and callers follow.

Later a caller says that there is some regulation that radio stations must stream their broadcasts .Caller wonders if this is a roundabout way to have the FCC regulate the net.

Bob mentions that the government will likely print up 5 trillion over the next two years to keep things afloat. Gold should have been up $50 today, China is starting to buy Gold big time.

In Switzerland people are taking Gold in allocated amounts or in full...rumor says that there might be pending legislation to stop it.

Later around 70:00 John mentions again about Mike Rivero coming to RBN August 23 2010 and he has received email both pro and con.

Another good informative broadcast.


John Stadtmiller, one of America’s true radio trailblazers with his early creation of “Republic International” (later renamed “Genesis Communications Network”), and now the “Republic Broadcasting Network”, the fastest growing truth radio station in the country.

John’s “National Intel Report” is hard hitting and to the point with information you won’t find in the mainstream media. If you believe the Constitution is the law of the land, but sense that something is seriously wrong in our country, then listen to the “National Intel Report” for the best guests, news and information!

RBN has some of the best informative shows out there. Their archives are only $1.33 per month. I suggest supporting them and then you don't have to wait for their shows to be uploaded here.

Philip Manduca : Gold Stands At Risk of Correction

Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Philip Manduca, head of investment at ECU Group Plc, talks about his investment strategy for currencies and gold. He speaks with Maryam Nemazee on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."