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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bob Chapman gold supply to run out in 6 months, price to explode!!

gold and silver will soon explode in price

GOLD Investores Beware of Thailand Bullion investments

Three British Invetors put 500,00 Dollars into a gold Bullion investment only to find out they have been scamed.

Gold price at a new high

Gold prices shot up to a record high Rs. 19,750 per 10 grams. In a short span of a month, the yellow metal has set a new record for the 13th time.

World-wide housing real estate crash coming soon,sell now especially in British Colombia

If you own a home in Canada and owe more than you actually own, now may be a good time to "jump out" of your debt and ride the low cost real-estate coming our way. Especially if you live in British Colombia.

this clip was taken from an interview with bob Chapman from the International forecaster, someone I follow very closely and have found to be very good at predicting coming events in the markets including the precious metals market.
He's not right every time but this time I totally agree with his point of view, especially considering how 85 percent of Canada's GDP is connected to the USA's economy.

" They sneeze ,we catch a cold! " ...old Canadian proverb.

Gold Is Still Compelling

Ong Yi Ling, investment analyst at Phillip Futures, explains why gold is still a compelling investment despite its recent record run. She shares her targets, with CNBC's Bernard Lo

Royal Gold, The Safest Gold Stock

Tony Jensen, CEO of Royal Gold, reveals how the company provides safety and exposure to gold prices as well as the company's biggest risk.
Tue 10/12/10 07:00 AM EST -- Alix Steel
Stocks in this video: ABX | KGC | NEM | RGLD | CDE