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Monday, November 29, 2010

Palladium the best-performing metal of the year

The Palladium Touch

North American Palladium CEO Bill Biggar discusses why palladium is the best-performing metal of the year.

Bob Chapman Silver should be over $50 already

Bob Chapman on the Sovereign Economist 24 Nov 2010

Bob Chapman wrote in the International Forecaster of the 27th 2010 "...In the US aggregate household net worth is $12.2 trillion lower today than it was three years ago at its pre-depression peak, a horrible decline of 18.5%, all in order to bring about the conditions to implement world government. That is about $100,000 per household. That money is never coming back nor is what was once known as the American dream and way of life. Baby boomers see it coming and denial is grudgingly becoming acceptance. The ratio of household net worth to disposable personal income has gone from 639% to 472% and it is still plunging. The savings rate, out of fear has risen from minus 0.5% to 5.5%, but still has to double from here to help get the economy going again. At the same time the Fed and Treasury are telling Americans to take on more debt. Homeowners equity has collapsed below $7 trillion from $13.5 trillion, making the situation worse – employment is off 7.5 million and full-time jobs are off 10 million, the worst numbers in 11 years. Real unemployment is 22-5/8%...."

Peter Schiff on Fox Business Gold soon at $5000 or more

Peter Schiff on Fox Business Gold soon at $5000 or more : Gold is not changing in value it is the dollar losing value what gold really tells you is what the dollar and other currencies are worth it is a measure of the purchasing power so as the dollar loses value you need more dollars to buy something like Gold , the Gold could go up to $5000 before it is over it could go even much higher than that

Blue Nile Diamond Is Red Hot

Online shoppers scooping up sales before possible tax hike in 2011?

Bob Chapman on Silver market manipulation

Bob Chapman on Discount Gold and Silver talking about silver market maipulation.

SHOCKING SILVER REPORT: Major Metro Coin Show Ghost Town!

Think a top is near in the precious metals? Think again. One dealer in this major metro U.S. city of 2+ million people sells 12 American Silver Eagles all day!

Gold Rush in Alaska

New series follows rookie gold miners seeking an alternative answer to their economic woes