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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Germans appetite for buying gold and silver

Germany and China are the ones to watch, both economies will just grow and demands for commodities will skyrocket! those Germans certainly have got their heads screwed on the right way, and plan well for the future. This video shows an interview between silver bug David Morgan of and Jan Kneist of, organisor of the annual International Precious Metals and Commodities Show held 5-6 November, 2010 in Munich, Germany. This event was first organised in 2005. They discuss the monetary system, gold and silver investments and the reason why many Germans are so interested in buying gold and silver.

Gold & Silver! The Keiser Report №102: Markets! Finance!

This time Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, talk about Americas most dangerous banker being sued by trustees for aiding and abetting the Madoff ponzi scheme and about the U.S. administration suffers from the Stockholm Syndrome. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Dr. Kiriakos Tobras about his campaign to stop financial terrorists attacking the Greek economy, stop you hear Keiser discuss economics in action like this u realize how well versed in classical economics he is, The bankers are trying to destroy Europe to make the USA look better.This is what happens when you keep the phony dollar as worlds reserve currency.

Jim Rogers : Gold Will Hit $2,000

The huge rally in gold is expected to continue—with $2,000 an ounce well within sight over the next decade, well-known commodities investor Jim Rogers told CNBC.
GoldGold will be among the premier plays in commodities, which stand to benefit whether the economy rebounds or not, said Rogers, creator of the Rogers International Commodity Index.

"Gold is going to go a lot higher over the next decade. It may slow down for a while because it's run up so dramatically here in the last few weeks. But gold's going to be much higher," Rogers said. "Adjusted for inflation it should be well over $2,000 now. When I say something like it's going to 2,000 in 10 years it's not a very dramatic statement given the state of the world. I'm sure it's a given."

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Dr Deagle Show - BOB CHAPMAN 08 Dec 2010

Dr Deagle Show 101208 - BOB CHAPMAN

Bob Chapman wrote on The International Forecaster of the 11TH 2010 :"....The main battlefield that will decide the outcome will be Spain due to its size and its persistent claim that Spanish banks are very solvent, which is symptomatic of denial. Mr. Zapatero tells us the Spanish debt crisis has passed. Our question, is he dumb, naive or a liar? How could he be so out of touch with reality? He blames Greece and Ireland for the euro zone’s problems as if Spain was a victim of theirs and blameless. Mr. Zapatero’s leadership is simply idiotic. This incompetent is shepherding his people toward financial disaster and servitude. Their real problem is the euro, the euro zone, the ECB, the EU and those who have allowed Europe to be led into a financial and economic trap. Germany, the euro zone powerhouse, doesn’t want the euro or the EU and has never wanted them. They have been it shoved down their throats, because they lost WWII. This is also why Germany was forced to merge Eastern Germany into Western Germany under such horrible terms. Germany is sick of being used as a punching bag and they want out of both. In addition, the cost of staying in the euro is already unacceptable. Any further higher costs could lead to insolvency of currently stable countries such as Germany. Then there are the social issues. Germans expect other countries to work as hard as they do. That has not been the case and will never be the case, so they no longer want to continue to support them. Some say, the withdrawal from the euro will be too traumatic to contemplate. We say concerns regarding bankruptcy would be far more painful. A reflection of that are Germany’s recent failed auctions. Buyers are only taking 20% of the offering. We interpret that as fear that Germany will financially injure itself if it has to continue bailing out failed euro zone members. ..."