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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Conversations 8.0 Part One with writer & economist Jeff Nielson
This evil fraud and manipulation will soon end and the result may be rough on the US but I say the quicker it starts the sooner it ends. Prepare and stay ( or get to know ) God. Pray for our country when this event unfolds.
A paper dollar from 1960 is worth exactly the same as a paper dollar in 2010, but four quarters from 1960 are worth more than $21. Given the fiscal insanity of the US government, I can’t imagine the US dollar surviving another 50 years, but I’m quite sure that silver will still be useful. Please consider getting some while you still can ( Not My Quote ) Just decided it was post worthy. got it from a mike maloney site!

The Best Precious Metal for 2011

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Adrian Day, author of Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsize Potential and Avoid the Risks, reveals which metal has the most upside...

Adrian Day,:"....Look at particular goal which is a monitoring metal I don't much more direction you know because it really depends on what happened to the dollar that's the peak gold. And so. To me it -- it next year it could be 16100 of the 800 just all depends on what happens to in the dollar and that it is summer goes to 3035. I think so disease -- of facility next -- on. I I don't mean old yeah but on an average basis Italy in the settings seven investor I didn't want it. Well it would have been the best but it if I had been want to I would pickled and that's because gold is more certain to go on. And it has less downside but it doesn't necessarily have the best potential......

Gold & Silver Bounce Off Their Lows of the Day

Lind-Waldock Strategist Jim Comiskey discusses the gold and silver futures markets, and other metals markets. Topics covered: Gold & Silver Down; Metals Moving Independent of Currencies; Volume Drops; Metals Bounce Off Their Lows.

Gold vs. Palladium

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Daniel Wills, senior analyst at ETF Securities, reveals why gold prices are struggling to find momentum while other precious metals are

Daniel Wills: ....We've seen a bit of pressure across commodity keenly from a slightly stronger you historical. Support also that other currencies. And the pressure particularly the Euro that was on that -- potential for a downgrade in. -- Elton -- head. Sovereignty downgraded. And also that the schooled stunned that message regarding. The -- feature me is that. Regarding the did he -- European Union --

Will said that holdings for the ETF securities physically active product like gold silver platinum are relatively unchanged. Reflecting uncertainty in the global market which -- only magnify. As the European debt crisis -- in 2011. And what did the flat.

PPI reading mean in the US mean from -- for the long term -- the way I see it at the mixed bag right. Well inflation means that gold being bought at the hedges and great idea and low inflation could mean more money printing and more QE on the road which -- be different -- what was your take.

Is the Crash JP Morgan - Buy Silver Campaign Actually Working?

What just happened with JP Morgan? host Jay Carter discusses the latest developments with author and precious metals expert Larry LaBorde.



Video Of Greek Riot Violence:

And to think that six months ago images of rioters throwing gasoline bombs at the police were enough to get Waddell and Reed to sell 20 ES contracts...

All you Americans out there that do not believe your government will move in on your pension plans just take a look at these facts. In 1997, the UK's Labor government abolished the dividend tax credit for pension funds, which cost pensioners $157 billion.

Just last month the French Parliament agreed to transfer assets of the French pension fund from equities to cash and government bonds.

In Ireland, their PM agreed to take half of the National Pension Reserve fund of $16.5 billion and apply it to the IMF-EU bank bailout. These funds are to be used as a backup to the bank rescue package.

Recently Hungary announced the nationalization of assets and contributions into the country's supplementary "private pension scheme." The funds will go into government bonds to help meet the budget deficit targets of its IMF-EU bailout.

In 2008, Argentina set the precedent, when $30 billion of assets in the country's ten "private" pension funds, were nationalized.

Estonia has cut state contributions into private sector pension schemes, while Poland is considering similar action.

These events are not fantasy, but reality. The UK government is currently eyeing the pension assets of the Royal Mail of some $30 billion. In England, it is believed a government guarantee would be next to worthless and a partial default on pensions and welfare are inevitable. England is close to broke having bailed out its banks.

A Stock & Bond Market Collapse is Coming - Most IRAs & 401Ks Are About to Get Hammered Got Silver?

A Stock & Bond Market Collapse is Coming - Most IRAs & 401Ks Are About to Get Hammered  Got Silver? Jay Carter, host of fears a stock and/or bond market collapse is imminent, and yet most IRA or 401K holders aren't doing anything to prepare for the coming economic emergency

Investment Advisors Begin To Move Staggering Amount of Gold

Here is the story of one company that is moving it's clients in the direction away from dollar denominated investments. Is a fluke or the next big trend? This gentleman does an excellent job explaining the shape we are in. He's probably one helluva salesman. Honest, straightforward and telling it like it is. He deserves to be successful.

It's easy, just show people 1920s Germany and then open up the newspaper and see all the printing of money. Damn, people are stupid as stumps. They watch football games and see terrible obvious bad coach or referee calls that costs their team the game, and they just can't admit the game is rigged and fixed. So they watch all their money evaporate into inflation and they just don't get it they are getting ripped off. There is no end to the stupidity. Must be the fluoride in the water.