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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bob Chapman on the Sovereign Economist 15 Dec 2010

Bob Chapman on the Sovereign Economist 15 Dec 2010

Gold mining: Australia vs Zimbabwe

top gear Australia s1e2 about the biggest gold pit in Australia.Second part is from guardian about MDC activist Sam Chakaipa that returns to his village in rural Zimbabwe to find his friends and neighbours starving to death, reduced to panning gold powder from the rivers to exchange for food at an exorbitant rate

Gold Advances in London (20-Dec-10)

Gold Advances in London (20-Dec-10)

George Kleinman, Gold Prices: Short and Long Term Range

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- George Kleinman, president of Commodity Resource, reveals his short, medium and long term range for gold prices.

George Kleinman :....What happened in January that let me see. -- traders and investors come back from the holidays we -- happen nickel prices than.

Well actually. There's a very strong seasonal from the end of December to mid February. Most years. They -- market and the -- market move up for. And that December and that said the outlook for the the normal people -- into a continued to picture because that'll he had been fundamentally has changed. For the inevitable goal their true longer....

Bob Chapman - Our Economy & World Events

Bob Chapman on Radio Liberty 12-13-10

Bob Chapman - Opium Wars in China - Our Economy & World Events

Australian gold nugget - Gold nugget Prospecting

metal detecting Australian gold nugget and Gold nugget Prospecting