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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bob Chapman : This Fall is going to be incredible for Gold and Silver

Bob Chapman : gold and silver coins bullion and shares because no matter what they do (on August the second ) it is going to be good for Gold , they will cut the social security , they are bound to kill everyone of the retirees . August is going to be an unusually good month for gold and silver , usually it is slow either flat slightly lower or much higher and the Fall is going to be incredible I think we can see $2200 on gold easy , and we can see $80 in silver easy , this is not going to stop , You got gold acting as the only real currency in the world and it is reflecting all the inflation not just in America , I mean Great Britain is 12 percent right now Europe is around 8 percent , who is kidding who ?, some dealers are having trouble now , so what happens in the fall ? the premiums on silver are as high as 8 dollars an ounce

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