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Sunday, July 31, 2011

James Turk : Gold is still undervalued by all my historical measures

James Turk : "It is hard to predict short term targets , all you need to be focusing on is to continue accumulating in this bull market and focus on where the bull market is going , itis always going to go much further than you expect it probably going to last longer than you and I expect and go higher than I expect , but just continue to accumulate , Gold should be higher than $2000 by now but because of the government intervention and anti gold propaganda by the government Gold is still undervalued even though the price have been rising it is still undervalued by all of my historical measures it is not quite as undervalued as it was ten years ago but it is still very undervalued because what's happening over the last ten years is that even though the price of gold has gone up the dollar has been debased by inflation and all kind of crazy things that the central banks and banks are doing to mismanage the dollar , so focus on the long term , focus not so much the price of gold but whether it is a gold value or not and it is a good value under numerical basis based on all my historical measures it is also good value because of its usefulness as a tangible asset , it is a monetary asset that does not have counter-party risk so I think that's important too"

"I am more bullish on Silver than I am on Gold that's why I think the ratio is going to go down to 20 ounces of silver to an ounce of Gold in the long term from 40 ounces of silver to one ounce of Gold at present , Silver will outperform gold , the problem with silver though is there is more volatility to it than it is to Gold and as a a consequence volatility is not for everyone but if you are prepared to accept that volatility I think you have two third of your assets your monetary assets your precious metals assets two thirds in Gold and one third in Silver

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