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Friday, August 12, 2011

Bob Chapman : at $2000/oz by the end of this month

Bob Chapman - The Sovereign Economist - 11 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : The Banks are stepping all over silver , JPM upgraded its forecast for gold to $2500 /oz before the end of the year , I have been in this business for 52 and half year , , when Morgan does that it means that they want to stop the movement upward for gold towards $2500 that's what it means because they know it is going higher , they are the biggest shorts in silver , HSBC is second and then comes Goldman Sachs Citi group etc....they are trapped , their positions are higher now than they were in April , but they know the market is going to go higher and they are going to do anything to hold down the price of silver and they are not going to be successful , we are going to shot $2000/oz may be even $2200/oz by the end of the month and if that happens we are probably looking at $3000/oz by the end of February , the good months for gold run usually through the end of February

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