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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bob Chapman Gold $8000 , up up and away

Bob Chapman : well you heard the song up up and away . that's just the way it is going to be , one of the psychological aspects of this and these people are very good at this , JP Morgan Chase came up a couple of days ago and said Gold is going to $2500 by the end of the year , here there are with the largest short position , naked short position in silver and silver usually runs with Gold , what are they up to ? , what they are up to is this : they are trying to set up a barrier at $2500 because they think on the short term before the end of the year it could go higher than that , they are trying to set a psychological new ceiling , it is just common sense and understanding the criminal mind , if you want to find out what they are doing you have to think like a criminal ...that's what they are trying to do here , they are not frightened about gold they know it is going to $8000 , they are just as smart as we are , but they want it to go as slowly and incrementally as possible

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  1. High prices ,that's great for investors and small time mom and pop to protect wealth,but don't think for a minute the gov't won't confiscate again.Then where will you be? So you say ,let them try to take my gold but what good will it do you , you can't eat it?And if you have to go underground to redeem it you're always looking over your shoulder...........who wants that?

  2. Please respond to Harry Dent's analysis of gold plummeting and the Dollar greatly strengthening in the next few months.


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