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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bob Chapman : Gold is having a wonderful correction

Bob Chapman : Gold is not going to stop at $2000 it may quiver at $2200 , this is a wonderful correction , and those idiots had it all done in two days , you talk about painlessness , it is like you go to the doctor and you had two tooth pulled and there is no pain , it sure is down but what are they going to do onward ? they have no bullion for sale it's all paper , and so what should the public be doing and professionals as well , they should be in there mid-day tomorrow started to phase in the new buying they should be buying all the time but especially hen you have dumps like this , obviously for the government to do this with the brokerage houses and the hedge funds and the banks and the working groups in the financial markets for them to do that some very very bad news is coming I can promise you , JPM would not come out and say Gold is going to $2500 this year , if they did not think it is going higher because they wanted to stop in there that's why they are doing what they are doing it is called psychological warfare , and so where is gold going ? I'd say by the end of February which is kind the end of the big move historically yearly in gold and silver we are looking at $3000 - $3200 and a $100 silver and it is going to happen they cannot stop it

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