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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bob Chapman : The Gold Standard is the solution

Bob Chapman : " I think they should default , why should we let the bankers the people that control our government continue to do what they are doing which is just building a bigger and bigger and bigger Ponzi scheme , this problem is not going to go away doing what they are doing is not a solution , with QE1 they saved the financial institutions temporarily , QE2 they saved the government temporarily they have not solved anything , unemployment is going higher , ....." "  these people are making too much money and they do not want to stop they do not care what the consequences are "   " may be (and nobody knows that ) the banks own 20 percent of all the above ground gold in the world , so what ? the rest of the world owns 80 percent and is they are kept solvent because we go to gold standard and it works very well there is nothing wrong with that , what is concerning is the manipulation of the system , when you do not have gold backing the temptation is so great to go mad , just take for instance since 2000 the federal reserve has done every single year increasing money and credit one way or the other probably an average of ten to fifteen percent and during that eleven year period of time the price of Gold and silver annually against the nine major world currencies all of which are fiat , they lose more than twenty percent a year because there is no control and what Bill Still advocates is no control ...." 

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