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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bob Chapman : The Power Hour 01 Aug 2011

Bob Chapman : what this was really all about was the cutting of social security and medicare , now we have to see how much they will cut there , once the foot is in the door it will continue ... probably 75 percent of the people in America that are over 62 are living on social security if the husband and wife are still alive it probably runs around $2200 a month and of course when you lose one spouse it falls , try living on that ! on top of that the cuts that are going to come on medicare we do not know what they are , probably the cost of medicare will go up's a hundred percent of nothing we are talking about a trillion here and a trillion there it's chicken feed , we have deficit as far as the eye can see of about 1.7 trillion dollars a year , they have not cut anything they are not going to cut anything except the things they are wanting to get rid of , and they were probably forced to cut defense spending ...the people on social security are not going to be able to buy the medicines that they need and AND WE GOING TO HAVE DEATH PANELS THEY ARE GOING TO TELL YOU TO GO HOME AND DIE (BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MILLIONS ON YOU )

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