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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bob Chapman : they are preparing for a major World War III

Bob Chapman : Gold is doing what it should do , you can see they intervened between 1715 and 1750 dollars to try to keep it down I do not think they are going to be successful , Silver is another story , HSBC are as short as they have ever been now they are going to be shorter than they have ever been before , people got to understand that you are dealing with a criminal syndicate these people are worse than the mafia much worse , we are looking at QE3 , the inflation by the end of this year would be probably in the vicinity of 14 percent next year because of QE2 and Stimulus 2 because it takes that long to go into the system it would be probably 25 to 30 percent if they do Qe3 they have do about 2.3 trillion and if I am right about that you are looking about 50 percent , that's Hyperinflation , they will take it as far as they could until people will stop accepting money and they will start trading in gold and silver bullion and I think that what it will come to . , I think they are preparing for a major World War III , Only 8th tenth of one percent of Americans own Gold and Silver coins shares and bullion , that figure will reach about 15 percent like it did in 1980 , it will come to a situation where the tender will be gold and silver bullion ,

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