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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chicago FED Charles Evans favors QE3

Very bullish for Gold what Charles Evans Chicago FED said this morning to CNBC he says that he favors QE3 : The current economic situation is disappointing, says Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, who explains that the job market is tough to characterize as recession-like but the economy is moving sideways "I think we would have been so much worse off if we didn't have the accommodation that's in place, the additional accommodation that came with qe2. i talk to business people all the time. I was talking to a small business person just the other day. you know, actually my brother who is in the furniture business. I was reminding him that, you know, back in the fall of 2008 when libor rates increased. he finances his inventory on that want basis. if things had not improved he's laid off three workers out of 18 over this entire period. but he would have laid off more if interest rates had not gone down, if we did not control, you know, improved the operating efficiency of financial markets. so the counter fact the salary we would have been much worse off." Evans says

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