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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CME Raises Margins for Trading Gold Futures - Watch out for a correction

CME Raises Gold Margins 22% : The CME Group on Wednesday raised maintenance margins for trading Comex 100 Gold Futures by 22.2 percent, effective after the close of business on Thursday. reports CNBC today . I think the correction already started few minutes ago , CME thinks they can manipulate the market , they are wrong , they can only manipulate the market temporarily and in the main time gives us a nice dip where we can buy more physical gold , CME already have done this with silver a couple on months ago , we can lose a battle or two but we will win the war , paper money is nothing but paper Gold is the only real money , the king have no clothes and more people see that every day ....use this correction to buy more Gold ....

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