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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gold having a technical correction

Gold having a technical correction after CME Group Raises Margin Requirements 27% for Trading Gold Futures , Gold is down $150 in less than 12 hours , this is a healthy correction for Gold look how far gold have gone it has spiked more than $400 in less than two months time from $1500 to above $1900 without taking a break basically , some retailers have decided to take profit at this time , It is normal that when it got toppy, we will see a correction. this is a healthy correction. nearly every trader and analyst says the same thing. it is necessary when you see the price rally like it did. $400 spike in two months time and gold hasn't looked back since $1500 an ounce. we saw that relationship between equities and stocks flip again. as we saw equities rally, gold came off. we have seen the CME group raise margins and Shanghai exchange did the same , and now we have thesemargin calls hitting new traders as well as those in the market exacerbating the selling. how low do we go? a key technical level. 1758 broke the low at the close and now looking at the next key level at 1650. does that mean the rally is over? most traders say, no, the same issues that caused gold to rally, mainly low interest rates, one of the keys, will continue to see that rally in gold and investors will still be interested because so many average investors are under-weighted if they have gold at all. thank you very much. talk to you later.

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