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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gold today should be over $9,000 an Ounce : Bert Dohmen

Bert Dohmen of the Wellington Letter , president and founder of Dohmen Capital Research Institute discusses with Jim Puplava of the Financial sense newshour , according to Bert Dohmen Gold today should be worth 9000 dollars an ounce the way they valued it at Bretton Woods "investors have now found out in the last two years with all this fantastic stimulus that has been put into the system everywhere in China in the US in Europe it was all for nothing , all we got was a two year cyclical bull market , we are in a bear market right now that actually started in 2007 , this is the worse situation ""Gold is the only money " " we are going to have a pull back in gold because they are going to raise margin requirement as they did with Silver "

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