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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hugo Chavez makes gold go parabolic

Chavez Gold Action Leads to Backwardation, Short Squeeze and Havoc Concerns . Venezuela's President wants all the country's gold being held in European and American banks returned to Caracas. It would be the largest physical movement of gold in recent history. Hugo Chavez said he's trying to protect his country from the financial woes on both sides of the Atlantic. Chavez is brilliant, one of the only true leaders of the age. He puts these massive immoral countries to shame. He empowers his people and takes control of his resources while these other monsters that bad mouth him oppress their people and sell their resources for pennies to their friends..Chavez should make sure that every single gold bar be tested when it returns to Venezuela.Make sure these scam artists dont gold plate a load of tungsten bars to give back to him.Pretty bad when a small country puts its larger competitors to shame by following the rules of just governance.

President Hugo Chavez said his government plans to "bring home" 211 tons of gold currently stored in international banks. Up to USD 6.3 billion in liquid reserves will also be transferred to banks in Brazil, China, and Russia. The transfers are expected to take more than two months. Chavez has also announced that he may invoke the Enabling Act which will grant him powers to pass a law next week to nationalize the country's gold industry. Some critics say this move may lead to possible international sanctions after next year's elections. According to Venezuela's Ministry of Finance and Central Bank, two-thirds of its total reserves (USD 18 billion) are in gold.

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