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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nigel Farage : Gold could double from here

Nigel Farage has spent 20 years as a commodity broker and trader " I suspect we have not seen the worst yet , I think what happened in 2008 is we deferred the banking crisis it is now coming back to bite " Nigel Farage says " It is impossible to predict where gold will go but it is not impossible that Gold could double again from here , the western world finance are in the most horrifying mess , our banking industry has been allowed to go completely out of control"

Please go to to listen to other interviews by Eric King.

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Nigel,
    Who is responsible for such mess. Only the Banksters and your plitics.
    Politics with Police and Army is more than Dictatureship.
    Prof. William K. Black has a fundamental question !
    What’s the difference between City Banks looting and mob’s looting ! Non ! Of course !
    Official and institutional looting by the Baksters is a good think !?? Do you ! This is criminal and criminality at his best.
    The Big Fat Cats , they have breached the rules and of the civilized behaviour.
    This is the Plundering Society and Plundering is criminal.

    I am convinced not at all !


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