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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Peter Schiff on the DOW vs Gold Ratio

Peter Schiff : "If you look at the value of U.S. stocks in terms of gold, the Dow peaked in 2000 at about 43 ounces. We're now at barely 7 ounces of gold for the Dow [7 x $1650 = 11,550]. Ultimately, I think we see that ratio come down closer to 1 to 1," he says. That would require either much more Dow decline, a lot more gold gains, or some combination of the two. Just playing with some numbers here, if gold and the Dow Industrials both had 75% respective gains and losses from their current levels (approx. $1650/11,550), we'd be looking at $2887 to reach a 1-to-1 Gold-to-DJIA ratio. You can run your own scenarios, but the mere thought of that is chilling. - in Yahoo Finance

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