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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puru Saxena : we will see 1 to 1 Dow to Gold Ratio

Puru Saxena of "Puru Saxena Wealth Management says that he expects a big rally in gold and silver after the correction we saw last week , : Mr Bernanke will do something to help his brothers in the banking industry he runs the federal reserve for the benefits of the banks , the federal reserve is run by the banks for the banks , he is not going to set by and let these banks implode , these banks need capital and the easiest way for them to get capital is through the federal reserve , there will be assistance from the federal reserve says Puru no matter what they are going to call it , I think we are going to be in the verge of a big rally within 6 to 9 months in Gold as well as Silver , before the end of this rally we are going to see 1 to 1 Gold to Dow ratio or perhaps 2 to 1  

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