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Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Incredible Buying Opportunity in Gold Market

Kirsty Hogg's Precious Metals Emergency Update 9-23-11 : there is only one buzz word and that is Buy Buy and Buy , the long term projection is very bullish many analysts believe that gold prices will start to rebound starting next week , this is an incredible buying opportunity or an entry point for people who want to enter the gold market , we have already hit the bottom at this point according to Bob Chapman so buy gold and silver with both hands and as much as you can , in few weeks from now you will be glad you did ....


  1. What about the fact that America has stolen 6 Billion in gold from Libya, perhaps the gold is going down because they have flooded the marked with this stolen gold?

  2. What about the recently stolen 6 Billion in Gold from Libya. Wouldn't flooding the markets with this gold bring the price of gold down, at least temporarily?


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