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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bob Chapman - Buy Gold with Both Hands

Bob Chapman - GOD LIKE PRODUCTIONS - Sept 7, 2011

Bob Chapman : The European countries of the Euro Zone are just buying time they do not know what to do, their whole socialist structure is collapsing , they are trying to delay the inevitable as longer at possible , ultimately they got to go down , Gold and silver is the only place to be buy with both hands do not think just buy ...


  1. "if the average guy has 100 gold rounds"...? what an asisnine statement. What "average" guy can affort 1 gold round let alone 100...? stupid annalogy dude, real stupid.

  2. what average guy(s) do you know have 100 gold rounds?? That was a stupid, non real world anology dude, just stupid. Most people I know have 0 gold or silver.... dumb statement dude.

  3. hello
    i start gold trading from last 20days and i lost my 900$.can any one help me.plz
    plz tell me Monday gold rates forecast. when i buy ?when ever buy gold the prices going down and down and i am suffering.i want daily gold rates prediction .plz help me .

  4. It's often so that you do not know exactly what you've got somewhere at home still so lying around in treasure. Since there is perhaps an inheritance from the old jewelry, coin collection an almost forgotten, long ago of out-dated or old broken jewelry or dental gold.


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