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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bob Chapman on China

Robert Chapman from The International Forecaster on China. : I think first of all they got very difficult financial and economic problems , 30 million people are unemployed exports are starting to fall just like that in Germany , they are both major exporters same thing happens in Japan as well although they have different additional problems , they have a real estate bubble that has not really broken yet , they have inflation which averages about 15 percent contrary to their figures 6.8 percent although in some of the provinces it is lower and in some it is higher , the people who live in Guangdong they go over to Hong Kong and they shop , Guangdong got lots lots of inflation , prices tend to be higher in places where people tend to go in on vacation , they continue (China) to search around the world for commodities for their potentially growing economy although they could slow down quite a bit , the world is facing a lower economy and that's really is going to affect very negatively the Chinese

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