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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bob Chapman on GONOB Radio - 19 sept 2011

Bob Chapman discusses with Gonob the recent RENO AIR SHOW CRASH and if we should consider the pilot as a hero or not ... do not try to trade the market because the market is not free it is controlled by the United States Government says Bob Chapman referring to the Gold and Silver market , the only time the chartists are right is when they get lucky , because we do not have a free market ,


  1. GoNob host really came off as an ass and weenie, this show, with his discussion of the Reno air race crash. I've been to the Reno air races twice before, and I think it is great: with the F-22 hovering 200 ft over my head. Want to "save lives", try taking everybody's cars away to reduce the 40,000 - 400,000 deaths every year...

  2. I personally thought Bob Chapman's comment were reasonable and well thought out, and thus had NO issue with the suggestion that perhaps more caution should be exercised by keeping the planes a little further from the crowd.


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