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Friday, September 9, 2011

Bob Chapman : we could see a Revolution in Germany

Bob Chapman - The Sovereign Economist - 08 Sept 2011

Bob Chapman : The Germans do not get mad very often but when they get mad watch out , I lived in Germany for a long time I speak German I understand them very , groups do have their strong and weak points and Germans have theirs as well ....we could see a Revolution in Germany that's how mad are these people are , I would not be surprised if some of the politicians will me murdered , these people are really mad about this , they have been acting as a second party in Europe for years anything they were asked to do they did it , they have had it they are not going to give anymore , there is no guilt and there should not be because the people who grow up in the second world war are my age I mean in 1939 I was 5 years old

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