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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gerald Celente : Gold is the Ultimate Golden safe heaven

Gerald Celente : I begun trading   Gold   in 1978 , my first buy was at 187 dollars and fifty cents an ounce , and what's different now and then that people do not understand and why they think it is a bubble and it is not is back then it was only the United States that was really playing the gold market you had guys like The Hunt Brothers that had cornered the silver market for example it is a whole different world now , back then there was the red Chinese nobody was doing business with them and Russia and Eastern Europe were locked behind the Soviet Union's iron curtain , there is a whole global game going on it is a global meltdown and Gold is the ultimate golden safe heaven that's gold is going so high it is because everyone knows that the only way that the Europeans or the Americans can get their way out of this mess they are actually not going to get out of it but to keep the Ponzi scheme going is by printing more money but they put those white shoe boyz labels on it such as 'QE2' and 'QE3' it means just printing more money and by the way : interest rates the FED have said that they are going to keep them down near zero until mid 2013 and the European Central Bank ECB is talking about lowering them and so the lower the interest rates go and they stay low the higher the price of gold goes it is simple arithmetic ...

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