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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owning physical gold is becoming more popular with Investors

Owning gold ETFs has been popular for a while, but some firms are starting to bet that owning physical gold is going to be popular as well : "private gold vaulting has traditionally limited the ultra high net worth of our society. it is hard to buy physical gold, have it stored properly and insured so our company is using technology and making it available to everybody " says avneet Singh, Bullion Gold International founder/CEO. " it's more the idea of choice. we want to give investors the ability to buy the physical asset. and we think if we can make it as easy as buying a stock or bond they'll always choose the hard assets because it is a safer product." "from a product perspective you can buy gold bars, gold coins and store them at different locations. we offer Zurich, London, New York, Utah. you can work through a financial adviser or call us. you want to buy physical gold as easily as a stock or bond"

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