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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peter Schiff on how to invest wisely in Gold and avoid scams

Peter Schiff : Classic Gold scams & How to avoid getting ripped off , some classic tactic used by some Gold sellers is to advertise something that is really cheap for example a Canadian maple leaf coin with say a 1 percent markup but their real intentions is to sell you something else like a collectible rare or numismatic coin that has a 100 percent mark up claiming that the government will not confiscate it , warns Peter Schiff

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  1. Gold has not yet topped. The final blowoff will be bigger ... much bigger ... than the $1400 - $1800 move, which some believe was the final blowoff.

    Ten-year bull markets don't end with 30-40% blowoffs. They end with 500% blowoffs. Just look at the peak of the tech stocks at the end of the internet boom.


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