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Friday, October 14, 2011

Bob Chapman : America is the most corrupt country in the world

Bob Chapman - Financial Survival - 14 Oct 2011

Bob Chapman : The Banking community in Europe is terrified , today is Bob Chapman's Birthday !!!!!!!

America is the most corrupt country in the world says Bob Chapman , most coin dealers have no business background they are only good salesmen ...


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Bob Chapman! Ms. T

  2. Happy Birthday Bob from a loyal listener and follower of your advice here in CA. ;-)

  3. Tel Aviv: "Corruption in Romania is a national disease"
    La Croix: "Romania, the most corrupt country in Europe"
    The Observer: "To 22 years after the Revolution, Romania's corrupt and bankrupt"
    El Pais about Romania: "corrupt and without money"
    German Bundestag: "Corruption in Romania is a worrying problem"

    Angelos Giannakopoulos,coordinator of the study "Crime and Culture - relevant perceptions corruption to crime prevention " (CE study):
    “For Romania one can speak of a generalized culture of corruption. Citizens consider corruption as a normal way to solve things. This way of thinking and doing is deeply rooted in moral attitudes, conceptual and practical of everyday life.”Romanians have the perception of a kind " mafiot whole " above the law, that are aggregated multiple interests from all sections of society: politics, police, judiciary, ...


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