GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Barry Stuppler : people are running to Gold as the ultimate safe Heaven

Kerry Lutz interviews Barry Stuppler , Barry Stuppler is owner of Stuppler & Co long known numismatic and bullion dealer in California , we will see more quantitative easings , we will have inflation and hyperinflation in some countries , the debt is impossible to pay and the only way to deal with it is by debasing the US Dollar , a couple of years ago people did not want to hold gold nos most financial planners and money managers are holding at least 15 to 20 percent of their portfolios in Gold in order to protect their clients from the debasement of the currencies ,

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