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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bob Chapman : Buy Gold and Silver NOW

Bob Chapman is saying JP will sell short once it hits $100 sending it to $75. Long Term holders keep holding and get in now. Every week a few. JP is going to let the band go! Up Up and away. Chapman is a good man and before retiring was in the Metals business for 30 years. All this game has ever been about from the beginning is - 1. Understanding the fundamentals and then taking the appropriate position. And 2. Sitting tight and being patient, whilst adding to your postion whenever an opportunity arises. To me it has always been obvious that the market forces WILL win out in the end.

Bob Chapman : I believe that JP Morgan Chase and HSBC which are holding 90 percent of the silver shorts have covered almost all of them , Period , now what are they going to do ? they are going to do what any person would do who is in the market to make money they are going to go LONG ....the short game is over when we will get to 50 dollars there will be no resistance because these guys will be long in front of you they'll make a pile of money and if it runs to $100 they will sell what they have got and they'll double it and go short they are going to go back to $75 , see you people out there can't think like a trader , I did it for 25 years , I know how the game works , and The Big Overhang in Silver is Gone that's why they delay the CFTC meeting from the 4th of October to the 18th gives them time to settle all their trades , so the answer to your question : BUY it is going one way straight right to $50/oz , same thing with GOLD it is going to go back up to $1923/oz and it is going to go through up to $2200/oz and it could happen within the next month , Gold might run to $300/oz by the end of February ...

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