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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bob Chapman : The European deal is not a solution

Bob Chapman - Freedom Files - 27 Oct 2011

Bob Chapman : The European deal is not a solution it will work temporarily , they will need 6 trillion , this is a total sell out by the German politicians , about half of Germany's gold is in the US one year ago they requested it and the US government could not give it to them , if Europe could write off half of the Greeks debt now the question is why not do the same for Ireland and Portugal ? they might want the same deal too , and it is just a matter of Time before Belgium Spain and Italy are in the same position ...

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  1. As one Catholic to others. I discovered during world war two that the church at the top is all about POWER not love. Christ preached love, so that is all one has to focus on. I fear that our Pope and the ones before him are nothing but tyrants and are behind the depopulation agenda aspoused by the UN(United NAZI) organisation and WHO ( World Homocide organisastion). During the false flag swine flu, and the exposure by Jane Burgemaester ( Also a Catholic)of contaminated vaccine with bird flu which was disseminated to other labs and her attempt to take the matter to court, the Vatican said absolutely nothing. I am afraid that if one desires to be a genuine christian, it is best not to display it and remain a good person, independently. The church's leaders to me are devils in diguise.