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Monday, October 17, 2011

Bob Chapman - Financial Survival - 17 Oct 2011

Bob Chapman : these protests have one goal and that's to give the government an excuse for martial law and gun grab from the people , Carlos Slim is a front man for the Illuminati , all his assets belong to the Illuminati when he will die it will be all theirs ...


  1. Bob, stick with gold and silver. If you know the markets so well then cut the crap with the "Marxist" comments about the protestors. On one hand your saying our government is corrupt and monopolistic, but many of the protestors are arguing for less corporate involvement in the government. They aren't arguing for communism. What YOU are advocating on your OWN SHOW is socialism in that the bankers and the markets need be regulated for more so-called "freedom" in a capitalistic free market system. Also, how can you compare your wall street economics education with a man like Marx? You CANNOT. you are a market specialist. Marx wrote Capital when no one knew what the word meant and at the very LEAST he tried to offer ways to counter this MONOPOLY system. He knew free markets never REALLY existed much better than you do. He did this back in the 19th century. Back then you would have been some guy working at the London Silver Fixing talking badly about the queen behind her back. Also, enough of the gun talk. You are telling your audience that if they have a pistol, they can stop a SWAT team from coming into their house or a even gang of buglers under martial law. In some ways, you are an agent provocateur talking like that--making people think their pee shooters will save them when the shit hits the fan. Dont be a joker, we know what happens in third world countries when martial law is induced--no little gun can save you, period. On one hand your saying the protestors are aggravating for martial law, and then you advocate buying a six shooter to fend off an army. Which hand is it bub? Also the wall street "marxists" want to take out those derivatives machines you complain about so much...what do you think will happen when they do? silver will go through the roof. everyone knows how rare it is. stick with being a market specialist, you know NOTHING about the rest of it. I love your market analysis, dont get me wrong, but your ego wants you to be an "expert" in everything else. BS.

  2. i big up the previous post, i love your market analysis and respect your work in this field...

    but some of the things/words/politics you cough up at times are alarming to say the least...perhaps more listeners would be aware of your talks if u stick to just the econ part of it.

  3. Thanks Bob! I've been following your advice for 3 years now and can't thank you enough for sharing with me the steps I needed to take in securing my assets. In fact, I'm actually ahead of where I was 3 years ago. Keep up the good work! I appreciate you, your knowledge, insight and your inside connections.

  4. Bob doesn't read your posts on this blog but please please email them to Melody Silverstrom Subject: Bob Chapman Radio Program


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