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Monday, October 31, 2011

David Tice Gold headed to $2500/oz & potentially to $5000/oz

David Tice interviewed by Kitco News from the New Orleans Investment Conference 2011 about his outlook for the Gold Market "Gold certainly had a pull back , I think it is headed to $2500 or potentially to $5000 , we are living in a world of fiat money we are having central banks around the world trying to kick the can down the road , we have a problem of too much debt , we have already livt on credit expansion for a couple of decades and now we are in the other end of that , and we are having governments trying to expand their balance sheets through private sector deliveraging , it's trying to keep the wheels on however the wheels are going to come off in my opinion " David Tice said David Tice expects the $2400/oz in a year and a half but it could be in nine months it all depends it all depends on if the authorities are going to be able to retain control or not ....

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