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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The German government starts printing the Deutschmark

Bob Chapman - National Intel Report - October 4, 2011

Bob Chapman : Greece will go bankrupt whether it is bailed out or not and the banks will lose 60 cents to the dollar on the bonds they are holding which will be devastating for the banking sector in Europe , from my insider information in Hong Kong Te Chinese government has finished negotiating the purchase of 3 of the major Banks in France so this is what's going on , so no wonder why the FED and the Treasury are hitting on gold and silver because they do not want the people to find out about them this is the game they are playing gold and silver will go back up and go higher there are bad news coming in Europe real bad news .... The German government ordered the Deutsche Bank to restart printing the Deutschmark so they have nno intentions in staying in the Euro , and you people who have Euros get rid of them and buy Gold and Silver


  1. would you share the source for the belief that germany are reprinting deutschmarks..can't find a reference anywhere.thanks

  2. Deutsche Bank is a commercial bank. Maybe you meant Bundesbank.


    Italy is also rumouredto be re printing the Lira and in the circumstances, where it is likely to be expelled in 2011, Greece would be remis not to provide itself with a Drac lifeboat currency

  4. I think the closest thing that came to two or three weeks, what happened in London on October 19 when the Fed has secretly borrowed gold from the IMF and the Bank of England's illegal to sell on the market..

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