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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mike Maloney : When Money Dies

In this video excerpt from the Casey Research/Sprott Summit presentation entitled When Money Dies, Rich Dad advisor Michael Maloney , explains how money is created out of thin air , how it is all a gigantic scam a pyramid scheme , Actually a bank can do more than just loaning $90 of $100 deposit. They can create $900 in checkbook money on top of that initial $100 deposit, giving them $100 in cash, $900 loan asset, and $1,000 deposit liability. The $100 still covers their 10% reserve requirement, see? , Great presentation. Should be titled, 'Between Rock and Hard Thing'. Stop Debt addiction, face collapse. Borrow more, face inevitable and worse collapse. If this doesn't sound exactly like a drug habit...Mike Maloney really explained it so well.


  1. Very nice video by Mike as usual.

    Gold and Silver are the key to protect your wealth!

    In New Zealand, visit

  2. let us hope silver hangs comfortably above 50 $ in the coming year


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