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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Occupy Wallstreet Demonstrations will turn Violent

Bob Chapman - Green T Hour - October 7, 2011

Bob Chapman : the things that they complain about are legitimate ,but I think what they are after here is to have demonstrations in a number of cities and I think they want them to turn violent they want to give the administration an excuse to enact Martial Law , hat's what they are really after


  1. I fully agree. The Dems have floated numerous trial baloons about abolishing democratic institutions and the big O knows his chances for reelection is rapidly going away. This provides the chance to stay in power because of a "national emergency" Would not put it past hem

  2. This is how they work, they love nothing more then violence from the people. If the people don't do it, they'll hire some people to do it instead. It seems that this 'occupation' activity is in line with what they did recently in Egypt, associated with Yugoslavia 'Otpor' and Gene Sharp's tactical system for controlled mob-revolution (revolution through spectacle). The so-called "color revolutions," which are connected to the (mostly criminal) secret services.

    I hope that the European peoples are smart enough not to fall for it, I don't think we are (apart from a few overactive student children and anarchists I guess, as usual.)


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