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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silver Manipulation: Fact or Fiction? Bill Murphy vs Jeff Christian

This coming October 22nd, in Spokane there will be a heated debate between Bill Murphy of GATA and Jeff Christian of CPM Group about the topic of the alleged silver manipulation and shortage , silver manipulation and shortages claims that there is no silver shortage whatsoever and that a $100 an ounce silver is far fetched and may take longer to become reality , This blog will post this interesting debate as soon as it will become available so stay tuned

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  1. The Perth Mint does not have the silver that Christian claims! I am a regular buyer of silver bars and coin from there as I live in Perth. Over the last few months I've seen where you could buy over the counter and collect straight away turn to nothing available. All silver bars from 10 ounce to 100 have ceased and no orders are being taken. Coins are still available but collection dates for nearly all are next year. This physical silver market has really tightened up. No Shortage!! What a laugh!


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