GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bob Chapman : Syria & Iran to be Invaded next ?

Bob Chapman : The Dollar has gone down because the euro has gone up , the Euro has gone up because there is these is this overwhelming feeling that some sort of solution will be found for the problems in Europe but as far as I can see there is nothing new on the horizon ...nothing will come out of the G20 meeting , the Greek government has brought in mercenaries to attack the crowds , th3ey killed one person the media does not know who did it obviously the media is controlled by the Illuminati , Obama is announcing the withdraw of the troops from Iraq because they are going to have another war , probably Syria and Iran will be Invaded next


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