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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Possible War between Turkey vs Greece and Israel by Mid November

Bob Chapman - Freedom Files - 06 October 2011

Bob Chapman : The Greek government just ordered 400 American tanks , now here is a country that is going into bankruptcy , are they going to have a war next week may be the middle east anything could happen , the situation between Syria and Israel is explosive , Europe is upside down , Germany are starting to realize that there is no way they can rescue Greece , the bill will be 6 trillion , they have starting to print Deutsch Marks . If Greece does not get its loans by the Mid of November they go under and if they go under there will be a war and it has already been arranged on both sides that will be Turkey versus Greece and Israel

1 comment:

  1. Greece didn't order any tanks, they're for free from the US reserves. They're only given to us as a detterent and a message to Turkey for its war threats and aggression against Greece, Cyprus and Israel because of the newly found massive natural gas and oil deposits that are changing the geopolitical map of the entire region.


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