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Sunday, October 9, 2011

What next after the Silver Sell Off

Bob Chapman : HSBC and JP Morgan Chase they have been naked short silver for sometime and they have over 30 class action lawsuits against them one of them is a RICO suit and they have gotten together with others and they are trying to drive gold and the gold and silver shares down in order to force silver down and this is what they are up to right now and I think they are pretty well exhausted what they can do to the downside , we do know that on Wednesday of this coming week we have gold and silver action option exploration now it happened over the last four months as the option writers got their heads handed to them and this time I think they are going to have a good month because the argent execution prices have come down so I do not think there is going to be too much downside although it could go a little on Monday and Tuesday , but I think the damage which is a normal correction I look at it this way has been caused by these people trying to cover

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