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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bob Chapman - Dr Deagle Show - 09 Nov 2011

Bob Chapman : Ms Merkel is laying plans now to allow members of the Eurozone to exit and go back to their own currencies , that will be a big blow for Germany ...this is going to be worse than world war III better take out your money from the big banks ....there is going to be no more resistance for gold and silver prices on the upside .....


  1. vous êtes sûr de cela, c'est possible la zone euro va exploser tôt ou tard de toutes façon car non optimale et divergentes entre le nord et le sud de l'europe.. have you anothers informations on that cyril talbot ARS

  2. I REALLY wish this big mouth Dr? Deagle the beagle would stop talking long enough to allow Bob or ANY guest to finish their sentences. "in other words--in other words" Shut UP deagle!!!!


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