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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bob Chapman : The Euro will fall apart

Bob Chapman on Freedomlink Radio 11/10/2011 : Europe was an unnatural association and what would happen is that it will eventually break up , these countries have nothing in common culturally , I think that eventually the Euro will fall apart says Bob Chapman , I do not know what the timing is , I do not think anybody does , Greece and Italy have come very close to having to fall out of the Eurozone


  1. Hopefully not in the next ten years. I have no desire to be stuck in the UK and unable to work in Europe because I need a visa.

    I am beginning to wokder if the recession was overkill in a plan to destroy the Euro.

  2. It is 'worse' (i call it better) then just that these nations have no cultural unity: even inside these nations the differences are often too great to be one nation, or at least one nation with a strong central domination. A few weeks ago I talked to someone from the province of Drenthe who was in these 'occupy' protests. He said he saw no reason to be in unity with the nearby province of Friesland. I personally would like the Netherlands to shed its southern part to Belgium, I do not like their catholic 'culture.' We need more separations then we had before, rather then less. France and Germany are (by the way) very different culturally.

    Once we are separated, we can all do what we like for ourselves, and be brother and sister nations forever. Those morons who want to fight, let them do it and suffer.

    The idea to be in one nation with the dreadfully managed Lire (Italy) is pretty much insane. How can we be in one nation with those extremely corrupt people there ? They will pull us down and laugh at it (no offense to the Italian public, but man what a corruption there).


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