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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bob Chapman The European countries will lose their Sovereignty

Bob Chapman - The Financial Survival 16 Nov 2011 : the situation in Europe continue to deteriorate each day , the manipulation of the markets continues , In Europe they are trying to jam through legislations which will take away the sovereignty of all the nations in the European union and the excuse is we have to make the Euro stronger , the European Union stronger and it is important that you give us the right to run your fiscal affairs in your county ..., the Germans will go ballistic over this if they have not already says Bob Chapman , the power is being taken from the countries and given to the bureaucrats in Brussels ....


  1. drink honey or some herbal medicine will help the voice

  2. from what i understand, merkel's main opposition is even more EU supportive than her.

    mathmatics forces the germans to acquiesce to ECB printing.



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