GOLD is the money of the KINGS, SILVER is the money of the GENTLEMEN, BARTER is the money of the PEASANTS, but DEBT is the money of the SLAVES!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bob Chapman : The Collapse of the Financial System is the best thing that could happen

Bob Chapman - The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller 2011.11.29 : they created a monster in Europe and the bottom line is that 6 countries are bankrupt and nobody has any money to bail them out , they are all in debt to their eyes balls , the game is over it is just a matter of time , and it is a good thing that the entire world financial system is collapsing this is the best thing that could happen why ? because the seed of power the key to what the illuminus are doing behind the scenes is very simple they own the entire world banking structure and if it collapses we can take it away from them says Bob Chapman of the International forecaster

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