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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bob Chapman : a new Dollar is underway

Bob Chapman : ...we broke that story two weeks ago , banks are being told , and I get this right from the people who are at the top of the banking profession not with major banks but with top middle sized sized banks and they go to the FED meetings and they tell me what goes on and they told me that the FED told the Banks to clear safe secure storage because we are getting ready to print a new currency , it's not the Amero it's a dollar probably a different one of what you have already , it's underway , it may not be in the printing stage yet but the plans are there ....because the FED is expecting as is the treasury the the US Dollar is not going to be the reserve currency of the world in about a year and a half may be less .....


  1. Bob Chapman has made predictions which have not come true. He predicted, based on people he knows at the Fed, that the banking industry would collapse more than a year ago. Never happened.

    God Almighty is the one who will bring things to pass in His own good time, according to His plans and purposes. Man's prediction time frame will almost always fail!

  2. I hope they put glitter in the paper like they do in Mexico.

  3. Man has forgotten the GOD is in charge,it's a damn shame................

  4. You broke this a few weeks ago. Bob has talking about this for years. You didn't break anything.

  5. Are any of you making comments looking at current events? Do any of you have connections like Bob Chapman? I for one do feel a major change in our paper currency is on the horizon. Furthermore I have seen these same reports from other high ranking sources. Quit trying to discount people and take appropriate action. Thank you for your insight Bob, keep up the great work

  6. Anon-
    This is new to me, where else did you read this? IF true- this is the most important investment info in the last 100 years. So- were do I verify it?

  7. As well liked and as respected as Bob Chapman is, he is still basically -a gold trader-. He has a wealth of information coming from an long lifetime of trading. But reality, folks, is infinitely complex. Never forget that, Bob.

    In Bloomberg just last week, I read a stock broker saying, Gold could fall to $150 to $200 an ounce. We read -all the time- Gold could go to $2, $3 of $20 thousand dollars an ounce.

    These predictions are just wars of words. Very few people have gotten rich on gold, very few.

    And as for stocks, for every person who has ever gotten rich on stocks, there are ten-thousand who have lost a pile of money. -Especially if you have a silly Ameritrade account-.

    Usually, all the hype is about separating the victim from his money.

    Being right in this infinitely complex reality is not so much about knowing what the scoop is, as it is being in the right place at some point.

    That is why those who seek to be rewarded with the esteemed accolade of "prophet" -make so damned many predictions.

    When Bob Chapman is -on air-, you want to listen, and you SHOULD listen. But that does not make any of us competent at predicting the future.

    Don Robertson
    Limestone, Maine

  8. it's an obvious move by those in "charge". the unknown is what the rest of us are going to do. and therein lies the fun

  9. I do not believe, Mr. Chapman. I will wait until Obama and Geithner produce the news. In the mean time,I will be fishing carp--just east of WDC.


    Mad Angel on FB

  11. It's bull. 1200% bull.

    Think- what would a new currency accomplish? It would cause a new world valuation. And what is the LAST thing the US government wants? To cause the USD to be revalued!

    A new currency would accomplish exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Fed wants to happen. ECON 101 folks.

  12. If God is in charge He's doing a damn crappy job.

  13. Ancient Pollyanna hopes that the new currency will have glitter in it. The answer is yes, it will have glitter in the form of nano rfd chips to track you. These rfd chips will of course get into the food you eat and then its end result. Nice to think we'll have attractive shit for a change!!!

  14. The Federal reserve system was meant to devalue 1 cent every year for 100 years. (Why do you think corporations had 5,10,20 year plans?)

    In 2013 we MUST go to a new currency.

    Every 70-100 years you see the turmoil that new currencies bring.
    1790-1861 Civil War
    1865-1929 Great Depression
    1929-2011 Present Dangers.

    You can figure out the rest. They should teach this in school so at the least the people could prepare.

  15. ВЕСЬ объём долларовой ликвидности ФРС может в любую секунду (а не за несколько месяцев) вообще свести практическу к НУЛЮ, тупо обменяв всю долларовую наличность в комбанках на казначейки США. Во всей банковской системе не останется ни одного доллара, за исключение КЭШа в карманах у частных лиц, что – не принципиально. То есть, практически, ВЕСЬ НОМИНАЛ когда-либо эмитированных долларов в США.
    А на все притензии держателей счетов ВЛАДЕЛЬЦЫ ФРС могут заявить : «ВСЕ ПРИТЕНЗИИ – К КАЗНАЧЕЙСТВУ США, а мы - лишь погасили долги Казначейства перед нашей ФРС. Все доллары существующие в мировой банковской системе – НАШИ, а вот долларовые ДОЛГИ – ВАШИ. И если кто-то из вас имеет хотя бы 1000 долларов кредита – вы этот долларовый кредит отдать не сможете. Зато мы сможем тогда продать на аукционе самим себе (иные лица - долларов ,физически, иметь не будут, гарантированно!) ваши дома и прочее имущество, даже если его вы покупали за миллион долларов! Мы – купим. На аукционе за 500 баксов .. А остальные 500 баксов + % - вы будете отрабатывать НАМ ещё - всю вашу дальнейшую жЫзнь. А?... Чё – дёшево покупаем, говорите? Э-э, нет - не дёшево. Будем считать,что всё ваше имущество, которое вы купили за миллион долларов и забранное НАМИ за 500 баксов через НАШ Аукцион, это - лишь ваши, вами ранее - неосознанные, выплаты НАМ - по барщине.. за последние 30 лет." Всё.

    Вот. Нижеприведённые меры – это и есть реальная борьба с крЫзисом, причём - именно с экономической т.з., а всё остальное – это профанация и очередной ОБМАН.
    !) отменить закон о ФРС от 1913 года;
    1) аннулировать все долги резидентов США перед банковской системой;
    2) аннулировать все долги бюджета США перед ФРС по казначейкам;
    3) конфисковать в бюджет США - ВСЕ АКТИВЫ ФРС, начиная с семейки Ротшильдов...

  16. IF you have not noticed--- the economies are in the toilet---- if they didnt pump trillions in-- it would have collapsed by now-- but rest assure--- it will collapse.


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