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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bob Chapman on the MF Global failure

Bob Chapman on The Money & Wealth Show. - 11 Nov 2011 : Corzine, CFTC Get It Wrong , Corzine is connected to Wall street he was a former CEO of Goldman Sachs along with Paulson but he close to JP Morgan as well , Bob Chapman thinks this was set up they wanted to take it down there is between several hundreds of millions and 1.2 trillion dollars missing they cannot come up with that money , they destroyed the company ....


  1. super banks of the world create with their own people many banks and run them for a while until these new bank close by stealing the money of their the idea is just open a bank to steal the money of the people...and go bancrupt. Nice evil plan but they sucsede and even are bailed out by the world bank who run the the masses are all in danger from monster who destroyed all the planet by destroying the they will fall together

  2. Very disappointed to hear of Greece. I send many people to reduce the gold and silver, and Bob Chapman SI newsletter. Really poor condition of Greece.


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